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Launched in 2009, Tablet Magazine is a leading daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture. The site publishes multiple stories a day, all with a unique perspective on the Jewish experience in the world today. Beyond editorial needs, the magazine consistently seeks out compelling design for online features and promotional needs. The Tablet brand has always been about a bold look at Judaism, and no matter the project, design and illustration were tailored to match.

From an interactive experience about the lives of aging Holocaust survivors, to exclusive writing from storied Jewish authors, digital features have been regularly presented on the site. Each is always complemented by a unique visual identity and concept.

Tablet Magazine WebsitesTablet Magazine WebsitesTablet Magazine WebsitesTablet Magazine Websites

For many articles, illustration provides the most thoughtful and appropriate visual expression of core ideas.

Tablet Magazine Editorial Illustration
Tablet Magazine Editorial Illustration
Tablet Magazine Editorial Illustration

To ensure a steady stream of new, engaged readers, promotional efforts were written and designed to the same caliber of as any of the best content featured on the site. Beyond promotion, the magazine publishes podcasts and Kindle Singles; across any editorial efforts, the Tablet brand was emphasized through thoughtful, bold design.

Tablet Magazine Promotion
Tablet Magazine 101 Great Jewish Books
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Tablet Magazine Kindle Singles

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