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In 2014, Yahoo expanded into digital lifestyle magazines, engaging its vast audience in topics such as food, health, and travel. Initially, the properties made extensive use of stock photography to illustrate the hundreds of stories published each month.

Other forms of visual expression were important to not only diversify the story art, but also to create ownable visuals, unique to Yahoo. Custom illustration, photography, and design-based approaches were conceptualized and executed to create artwork just as compelling as the stories they were paired with.

Illustration Header

Yahoo Travel Wanderlust

Above Jobs That Let You Travel the World. (Yahoo Travel)

Yahoo Illustration

Left My Daughter Is There and I Am Here. And We Are Like Strangers. (Yahoo Parenting)
Right How to Overcome Your Travel Fears. (Yahoo Travel)
Yahoo Astrology SignsYahoo Astrology SignsYahoo Astrology SignsYahoo Astrology Signs
Above Astrology signs for monthly horoscopes feature. (Yahoo Beauty)

Yahoo Illustration

Above The Rise of the Insect Bar. (Yahoo Health)

Yahoo Illustration
Yahoo Illustration

Above Inside the Camp for Kids Who Play at Night. (Yahoo Parenting)

Yahoo Illustration

Left Destinations That are Closer Than you Think. (Yahoo Travel)
Right A Look Inside the World of Gay Conversion Therapy, as States Seek Bans. (Yahoo News)

Design Header

Yahoo Design

Left Online feature about coffee cocktails. (Yahoo Food)
Right Handy dips grid. (Yahoo Food)

Yahoo Design

Left The effects a beer has on the body. (Yahoo Health)
Right 6 simple tricks for nervous fliers. (Yahoo Travel)

Yahoo Travel Logos

Above Marks for four travel-related article series. (Yahoo Travel)

Yahoo Design

Left Tongue-in cheek flowchart for concerned parents. (Yahoo Parenting)
Right Where the 2016 candidates stand on four issues concerning the family. (Yahoo Parenting)

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